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Steps on How to Design Your Irrigation System

Do you have a lawn that you take pride in? Many people take time and energy into making their lawns and landscape beautiful. The sad thing is that many people put much effort into making their lawns beautiful and forget to put an automatic irrigation system. While a few landscape in certain weather may require extra watering. It is very difficult to maintain beautiful and healthy lawns in a warmer climate. Read more great facts on Hardscaping Gainesville FL, click here. 

It is important to review a couple of things when planning and designing your lawns irrigation system. The first thing is to determine your water supply. The water supply can be from a well, city water supply, lake or even recycled and treated waste water. For more useful reference regarding Lawn Care Newberry FL, have a peek here. 

The key factor to look at is the available flow (gallon per minute) and your static water pressure (psi). The best place to measure the pressure is as close to the output as possible. The pressure can easy be determined using a psi pressure gauge for water usage only. Usually, the pressure is determined by how fast the flow can fill up a 5-gallon bucket. After that, you calculate how many 5 gallon buckets can be filled in one minute.

The best rule of thumb is not to use more than 75% of your flow when designing and building your lawn. If for example you find your flow can fill 20 gallons per minute, then it is advisable to plan your yard to use not more than 15 gallons per minute (74% is equal to 20 gallons). After getting the pressure flow, now it is time to find the best pipe size that will accommodate the flow and pressure. A 1" inch 160 pipe (thin wall pipe) will accommodate 16 gallons per minute without exceeding 5 feet per second speed. If this rate gets to be more than that, it will course much friction and in return lose the momentum and water hammer the system.

There are two main types of sprinklers. The rotor head and the spray pop up. The rotor head pop up and rotate sprinkling water up to a radius of 30ft. On the other hand, spray pop up stays stationary, and it can sprinkle water between a distant of 4 ft to 15ft. The radius is subject to the nozzle size and selection.

Designing an irrigation system is not as difficult as many people think it is. With a precise step by step guide, you can design and build a very efficient irrigation system. For more information, you can Google or visit your local store.